Tips and Tricks on How to Use Social Media by Jaan Kruusma

Almost everyone interacts with social media, whether for personal use or for business purposes. The whole topic attracts a lot of attention – that’s why a record breaking number of attendees gathered in Idealab on the 21st of April to listen to the young and charming Garage48 mentor Jaan Kruusma.

This workshop focused on „Social Media Marketing and Sales“ and Jaan describes himself as big fan of the topic, in addition to being a social media fanatic, co-founder of 7Blaze and a mentor at Garage48.

Jaan spoke about why people are inherently social beings, how to use that to your company’s advantage and why your business should be represented on different social media platforms.

Jaan introduced useful tools for Facebook: Facebook Power Editor, Facebook Insights, Graph Search and audience network. Everybody who wants to market their product on Facebook should know how to use these tools. Social media is also a great place to learn from your competition. As a company, you should keep in mind that people turn to social media for entertainment and you shouldn’t use social media for your sales pitch, but find a fun and creative way to reach your customers, educate them about your product and give them interesting content.

In the end, the social media guru gave everybody a practical task – create groups and using Facebook Graph Search, find out the interests and likes of your company’s fans. Next they were asked to create a post with „nail-on-the-head“ captivating content, that would entice the audience to like, share and comment.

The next workshop will take place on the 12th of May at UT Idea Lab, which will focus on Pitching training. The workshop will be moderated by Gleb Maltsev, who is the co-founder of and coaches the finalists of Ajujaht. If you’re really interested in improving your pitching skills, follow Gleb Maltsev on twitter.

Merili Auser
UT Idea Lab

Translated by Gerda Kelly Pill
UT Idea Lab