Team Harakas won Student Startup Camp 2020!

The 7th Student Startup Camp (SSC) took place on 4th to 7th of February at the University of Tartu Delta Centre. The annual entrepreneurship boot camp designed to build ideas into working prototypes was organized by Garage48, UT sTARTUp Lab and UT Institute of Computer Science. It brought together over 110 students! Student Startup Camp ended with a pitching competition won by team Harakas, who is digitalizing paper notes in music industry.  


The camp started on Tuesday with 90-second idea pitches. Everyone who had an idea got a chance to present it and find teammates at the idea fair. Out of 20 ideas pitched 17 were accepted and teams started to develop them to the minimum viable products. The 4-day course consisted of teamwork, intensive mentoring and hands-on work to launch a tech startup.

Teams worked hard, got guidance from mentors (Kai Isand, Maret Kruve and Andreas Roosson) and heard talks from different startup founders and field experts. The camp ended on Friday with a pitching competition where all the teams presented their products/services and progress made during the camp. The judges were Maret Ahonen (UT sTARTUp Lab), Maret Kruve (Garage48, Pipedrive), Vaido Mikheim (Tartu Science Park) and Joosep Sild (SmartVent).

Winners - Team Harakas. They are helping the music industry by digitalizing paper notes. The struggle of finding notes and managing them is real, shows research and interviews with potential clients. Team Harakas is developing a web-app that will solve this problem. It will be easy to find notes, add new ones, share, add remarks and manage. In the future, they are planning to add a built-in metronome, tuner, concert view and much more.
Team Harakas

Runner-up - Team Seamless. They are helping event organizers make entrance to their events fast and easy through  NFC powered app. With the solution visitors don't need to open phone screen, search for QR codes, adjust screen brightness and stand in long lines. Visitors just load the ticket to Seamless app, touch their phone with event providers' phone and just walk in.
Team Seamless

3 place - Team Pölt. Pölt is Wolt for pets - offering a fast delivery for pets' goods for people that don't have the time or resources to carry home heavy food and other things.

Team Pölt

All event pictures on sTARTUp Lab Facebook.

The event was co-organized with Garage48, the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu and UT sTARTUp Lab. The event was supported by HITSA and IT Academy.