Mini-Hackathon of Crazy Ideas

Do you have crazy ideas that seem impossible to implement? Or do you have no ideas and are wondering how to find them? Either way you've come to the right place When you join to the mini-hackathon of crazy ideas.

We’ll take on all the fun, weird, and crazy ideas and generate opportunities to put them into practice within 90 minutes.

We're going to:

Ϟ share with you the craziest startup ideas we’ve heard
Ϟ show you how nobody believed in now-so-successful ideas at first
Ϟ have fun brainstorming, form teams, and have some more fun
Ϟ turn those ideas into reality (or at least create an action plan)

So – if you want to find a world-changing startup idea or just have some fun, join us on Wednesday at SPARK!

Hackathon is hosted by Joosep Sild from SmartVent.

The event is part of the Tartu Student Days: Autumn 2019 festival. More information:

The event is organized by sTARTUp Day & UT Startup Lab.

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