Mentors’ feedback helped the STARTER teams flourish

Mentor Feedback Carousel is one of the most valued parts of the STARTERtartu programme. This year it took place in Spark HUB on the 24th of March. Teams met up with experienced mentors in different fields to get vital feedback on their idea.

For the first time after two and a half years, the Mentor Feedback Carousel was held in person. The teams could chat face to face with the mentors, share thoughts and contacts. There were 11 teams who participated in the Carousel and the same amount of mentors.

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The STARTER programme mentors are people who have many years of experience in their area of expertise. Most of the mentors had attended the Mentor Feedback Carousel previously but there were some who attended it for the first time.

It was an awesome event not only for teams who got guidance from experts but also mentors.

Mart Maasik, Investment Director at UniTartu Ventures, praised the teams’ enthusiasm and commitment to carry out their idea. Mart was also impressed with the variety of the ideas.

According to mentor Sven Parkel, General Manager of Tartu Biotechnology Park, the Starter programme teams stand out for solutions in different fields. „What I saw was very impressive, make it happen!“, told Sven.

CoolCDN team leader Amin Khoshnood told that he really appreciated that the mentors had different backgrounds and expertise because it gives you different perspectives.

Eric Roldan Roa, EdTech Gurus team leader, thought that the Mentor Feedback Carousel was the perfect place to validate your value proposition. According to Eric, the event was also so valuable because it connected the theory with practice. He also got many new contacts from mentors to further develop his idea.

The mentors who participated in the event were Mart Maasik, Sven Parkel, Lauri Antalainen, Sven Lilla, Taavi Tamm, Ants-Oskar Mäesalu, Triin Kask, Merili Auser, Andres Vaher, Helen Kokk and Elari Kivisoo. Thank you for your time and guidance!