How to prepare for the finals

Best teams are selected to present their ideas at Kaleidoskoop Final and at Delta X Finals. Now it's time to prepare. Introwise co-founder Evgenia Trofimova gives advice.

Discuss with your team and mentors the strongest and weakest points in your current product/progress. Highlight the strongest from the very beginning. Anticipate questions about the weaker points. Be prepared to give a short clear answer.

2. Some people prefer to learn pitch by heart, some prefer to speak from the heart. But I recommend knowing your opening and closing very well. This hugely influences how carefully people will listen to your pitch and what feelings they will remember afterward.

3. Pitching is always stressful for everyone, no matter if you enjoy it or terrified by it. I always advise to use your hormones for the best. Just before the pitch spend 2 minutes in the Wonder Woman pose. To learn more on this, here is the Ted Talk: