20 Mentor Feedback Carousel teams

#1 BeWise - We help small businesses and individuals to be DIY lawyers and digitally draft foreign money claims themselves, with automated web service.


2 Foxblink- Creative agency to unite art, science and branding. Our aim is to bring same level of compassion taught in med school to large social campaigns and branding assignments.


#3 MEDEA - Medical device, integrated with alarm system that continuously

measures owner's heart rate and blood oxygen level.


#4 CommuniCare - A communication system which helps the people in care homes to connect with the outside world. This is done through a registration form through an app, where people can use their free time to visit a care home, orphanage or animal shelter.


#5 Ökobox - Ökobox is a subscription box on an ethical mission to change its clients' lives by delivering seasonal packages that introduce unique sustainable products such as reusable straws, bottles, bags etc. to help them start their new-found eco-friendly lifestyle. We hope to serve our mission by being as sustainable as possible, setting an example for others to do the same.


#6 Wheel The Heal - “Wheel the heal” will help people to track their emotions by charting their feelings, to create a pattern of their mental activity, Also will allow them to join virtual support groups to share their thoughts and get support from the community, doing all of that with high privacy and anonymous registration if needed.


#7 GreenSpot - Our idea is to have healthy vending machines with fresh veggies and fruits grown aerophonic way, aka "Tower Farming". This way 95% less water and no soil is used.


#8 SpotTheLot - SpotTheLot is a parking service which helps you to find the perfect parking spot with ease. It’s a symbiosis between the app and the sensors placed underneath every parking spot. It saves time and money for the user.


#9 SalesSquid - Coaching sales teams is a challenging and ad-hoc process. SalesSquid solves that problem in an efficient and data-driven way. We are building an intelligent sales onboarding and coaching platform that offers sales teams and managers real-time feedback and valuable insights into the company’s sales performance.


#10 Gerifix - We create a system that analyses fall patterns in elderly in order to prevent future falls. To do so we collect data on the etiology of falls. By using machine learning we give personalized recommendations on changing households into a safe environment.


#11 DigiHealth - DigiHealth aims to eliminate the stress from health care systems worldwide by having all of your health care needs - doctors' appointments, insurance status, clinic locations and doctor reviews - all in one place and on one platform! See all available times and reserve your general practitioner's appointment with ease! Choose DigiHealth!


#12 Timelink - A system that lets you book a time to any schedule-based service online. Search for companies or services, compare different schedules and make your appointments all in one place


#13 Pay2gether- A time efficient group-payment solution in a amicable manner, through C2C and/or B2C escrow accounts. Helps to organise online payments as a group with one click and eliminates the problem of running behind your friends and asking for money.


#14 Healthy Herb- Healthier alternative to tobacco consumption for groups. The idea is an aromatherapy center, where people would go to relax, similar to a hookah lounge. We don't use tobacco and there is no smoking, instead we use devices that produce hot air into the customer's chosen dry herb, which can be CBD, peppermint or other similar herbs.


#15 Ropotty - We are helping parents to teach their children to use the toilet by developing a potty training program. Our product consists of a special potty, educational entertainment for children and educational app for parents. We rent this potty training package to parents, so that they can just send it back to us after the child is trained.


#16 Restock - An up-cycling e-service uniting people, designers and thrift shops, within the useless clothes will be collected, redesigned (if needed), prepared for the selling (washed, ironed, labeled, etc), and offered to the thrift shops.


#17 Consume it - To resolve the issue with over consuming and buying food products, we've come to an idea of building an application, that knows what's in your fridge and accordingly recommends recipes for meals and shopping lists.


#18 RDV - Blood analysis software that helps people track vital health components, allowing for quick changes in diet and supplement to alleviate stressors that would if left unnoticed result in disease. So we are trying to turn potential dis-ease into ease of mind thanks to better control and understanding of how your body is actually feeling.


#19 EST Webgallery- It is webgallery for Estonian artists - we help to promote them and sell their works all over Europe.


#20 All Pain, No Gain - we are developing an app, from where you can order beauty service to everywhere you wish, including to hospitals if you have to be there for a longer time. Feeling beautiful makes patients feel better and happier and therefore will recover sooner.