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Virtual seminar
16.00 -17.30 
Product and Service Design
Seminar is led by Triin Kask. Triin has been building startups since 2010. She’s a co-founder of Nevercode, a company that’s building software for mobile app developers to speed up their work.

Triin will tell about real life examples how approaching product development really makes a huge difference, how the whole story of a company turns into a totally different direction when implementing design thinking.

How to focus on what matters?
In building products and services, companies tend to get overwhelmed by the complexity of running a business. They fail to improve critical parts of their service, run out of resources or will be outrun by their competitors. User-centered development and design thinking are methods to find out what companies should focus on and how to find out what their customers appreciate.

  • 90% of businesses growing rapidly say the design is significant to them; only 26% of static companies say the same.
  • Design reduces costs by making processes more efficient. It can also reduce the time to market for new products and services.
  • Almost 70% of companies seeing design as integral have developed new products and services in the last three years, compared to only a third of businesses overall.

The seminar is free of charge and in English but please make sure to register before.

The event is funded by the European Social Fund.
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