Upcoming events
FROM 16:00 TO 18:45 
Pitching Training
Pitching is a good way to draw attention to your idea, attract investors and put yourself to the test. In addition, it helps to develop your public speaking skills, and a great pitch can bring success!

In this pitching webinar, GoWorkaBit co-founder Kei Karlson talks about the basics of pitching and gives good advice on making a video pitch. The webinar is practical, which is a good preparation for a Kaleidoskoop.

Why is this important? If you haven't practiced pitching out loud before, you don't know exactly how it feels.

This webinar is only open to STARTERtartu program teams. Before the webinar, we ask all teams to prepare their initial pitch script. In the webinar, the STARTERtart teams are divided into two sessions.

The first session will take place at 16.00 -17.15, where we are waiting for the teams:
  • Airnatic
  • Fitex
  • Frinder
  • HappyLife
  • Soli
  • HearMyCall
  • Mentalium
  • MyLeaf
The second session will take place from 17:30 to 18:45, where we are waiting for the teams: 
  • Mindlift
  • NutriBy
  • Pölt
  • TooMaa
  • Salice
  • SoberDriver
  • Social repairshop
  • Sorter
  • Testpooled/tp
  • Widely

The event is funded by the European Social Fund.
I am aware and I give my permission to:
1. Take pictures of me at the public event.
2. Use the pictures and videos for marketing purposes in the programme communications.
3. Use my information for entrepreneurship programme Edu ja Tegu participants statistics and feedback.