Upcoming events
at spark hub (narva mnt 3, tartu)
4 PM to 7 pm
Mentor Feedback Session
STARTER Advanced
In this STARTER Advanced program workshop teams will get individual feedback and advice from experienced entrepreneurs and start-up mentors. 

  • Each team is given 3 minutes pitching time and 8-10 min question/answer time.
  • Please pitch in English!
  • Up to 3 slides can be used if needed - please send them to Riin.Lisett.Rei@ut.ee no later than on Wednesday (October 18th).

Team leader - Here you can choose time for your pitch. Register your team here! 

Our mentors:
Sven Parkel - Technology Transfer Officer (biotech) at University of Tartu
Tanel Tähepõld -Co-founder of Actual Reports. Experience in launching scaleable business models that link business and software development  
Kuldar Leis -  Owner of the first certified passive house in Estonia and the only one who is building them here. He's an experienced entrepreneur who's previously been the top manager in Hoiupank. 
Helen Kalberg - Marketing manager of Tartu. Has previously been marketing specialist in Henkel Balti, Hansabuss and Sportlyzer.  
Kristjan Sägi -  Co-founder and CTO at Nevercode. 20 years of experience of planning, executing and delivering sophisticated technology solutions for startups and multinational corporations.
Harri Tallinn -  Organizer of Estonia's biggest startup competition Ajujaht.ee.  Involved in a startup ecosystem development.  Harri will choose one team that will get to the Ajujaht best top 100! 

The event is free!
The event is funded by European Social Fund.