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16:00-19:30 @ut delta centre
What is marketing and how to be good at it?

In this workshop, you will learn who is your customer, how to reach your customer and how to sell your service & product. During the workshop, we'll take a look at the vast landscape of paid and free marketing channels that are available for a start-up to scale its business.

With limited resources in terms of both budget and people, we'll try and figure out what marketing strategy fits your product the best and how to focus on getting traction as quickly as possible. You will get to know which channels and marketing tools to use. We will take a look at the pros and cons of the most popular marketing channels.

Marketing without a strategy is like a blind dragon – it can breathe fire and cause destruction (usually to your budget) but without purpose.

The workshop is free and open to everybody!

The workshop is led by Marelle Ellen, who is totally committed to startups marketing and growth. Currently, she is a CMO at Promoty, which helps brands to find the right influencers. Together with Andreas Unt Marelle has initiated grit. startup marketing podcast and for two years she was the Head of Marketing of the business festival sTARTUp Day.

The event is funded by the European Social Fund.
I am aware and I give my permission to:
1. Take pictures of me at the public event.
2. Use the pictures and videos for marketing purposes in the programme communications.
3. Use my information for entrepreneurship programme Edu ja Tegu participants statistics and feedback.