Upcoming events
in the dorpat convention centre
4 pm to 8 pm
Idea Storm inspiration event
Idea Storm is an inspirational event that brings together more than 20 entrepreneurs and 200 students to find solutions to different questions, generate crazy ideas and change the world. Event is free and open for everyone - come and join us!

Discussions will be lead by the people behind Sprayprinter, ESTCube, Fundwise, Wisemile, SportID,  1oT  and others. On a big stage there will be inspirational stories shared by Asko Seeba (Mooncascade, Skype ect) and Eda Vallimäe (Senior Gym).

See the full list of topics and moderators here!


16:00 Greetings and opening words
16:30 What will you change in the world?
16:40 Inspirational stories
17.30 Snacks and networking
18:00 Idea generation - let's go crazy!
18:45 Sharing the best ideas
19:30 Summary, snacks and networking

Registration for Idea Storm has ended.
Event is funded by European Social Fund.