Upcoming events
22th september 4 PM TO 7.30 PM
@ athena centre, tartu
Idea Strom. 100 Ideas that will change the world.
Ideede Raju (Idea Storm) is an inspirational event that brings together more than 20 entrepreneurs and 200 students to have discussions on different topics. It’s a place for creating and sharing ideas that could change the world - come and join us!

16.00 Greetings. How to turn ideas into reality?
16.25 Discussion: What would you like to change in the world?
16:40 Inspirational story: Why did I become an entrepreneur?
17:05 Introducing our moderators
17.30 Snacks and networking
18.00 Discussions and idea generation
19:30 Snacks and networking

Registration for the event has ended.
The event is funded by the European Social Fund.