Upcoming events
LOCATION: Idea Lab, Narva mnt 4, tartu
time: 4pm to 8pm
Pitching Training II
Idea Lab Workshop Pitching Training I is a practical workshop to improve your presenting and public speaking skills. You will build confidence by constructing your story and learning techniques for speaking in front of professionals.

Workshop moderator is Gleb Maltsev, who is teaching you how to sell your business idea to investors. Gleb runs Stoneful, a content agency that practices the art and craft of communication — through writing, presentations, and design. Before handling marketing at Trigon Capital, he has helped build Fits.me, a company that has been covered by both Wired and Vogue as well as Bloomberg. The company has since been acquired by Rakuten in July of 2015. He is a co-founder of Fundwise.me, the crowd investment platform for small and medium-sized businesses in the CEE region. He is an award-winning pitch trainer and has worked with companies across every major sector. Every year he trains the finalists of Ajujaht, Mektory, and the exporting companies for EAS. He tweets about events at @glebmaltsev

If you are attending Idea Lab Pre-incubation Programme, make sure your Team is present!

Make sure you register, because catering depends on it! We don’t want you to stay with an empty stomach :)
Workshop is held in English and FREE for everyone.