sTARTUp projects


Hands-on extra-curricular business development programme STARTER provides knowledge and skills for student start-up projects and helps teams to shape their ideas into tested business models. 

Semester-long STARTER programme consists of workshops that guide teams from ideation to business model. Teams receive individual mentoring from start-up founders or entrepreneurs and regular performance evaluation from instructors.  The programme starts with the Idea Hackathon open to all students across disciplines. Individuals and teams with interesting ideas are welcome. Under the guidance of the moderator, teams are formed and instruction on initial validation given. The programme ends with business and project ideas competition Kaleidoskoop that has a number of cash prizes and access to start-up ecosystem services. There are STARTER programmes also in Pärnu and in Narva
Participants get guidance from mentors and supervisors who encourage teams to stretch their comfort zone and validate their product with potential users or customers.

Individuals participating in workshops (60%) + Mentor Feedback Carousel and pre-selection of business ideas competition Kaleidoskoop get the University of Tartu certificate by the end of the programme.


Awards for STARTERtartu spring programme will be announced soon!

STARTER programme is funded by the European Social Fund.