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From Idea to Execution

For University of Tartu students, UT IdeaLab offers optional course From Idea to Execution (SVSV.00.002).  The course starts with a day-long hackathon and is mainly based on online learning. There are also three events: feedback session with startup mentors, pitching training and the pre-selection round of business ideas competition Kaleidoskoop.


The aim of the course is to give some experience in entrepreneurship and startup world; develop one' ability to see problems and find innovative solutions; help to find ideas and test their viability - these are all skills necessary for starting a company as well competing in the labour market. All the students from all the different fields are welcome!

For taking the course, please register for the course in ÕIS and for the hackathon here!


Course title: From idea to execution

Course code: SVSV.00.002

Amount of credits: 3 ECTS

Final assessment: Non-differentiated

Course description on Study Information System:

Learners gain practical, hands-on experience and knowledge about ideation, idea selection, assess their business potential, test their hypothesis in practice and develop the appropriate business model. Formed teams gain understanding on entrepreneurship environment, communicate with potential users/clients and build prototypes.

Workshops are integrated with individual work and practical tasks, which enable learners to develop their product/service, define value proposition, revenue model and marketing approach. The programme requires commitment, willingness to cooperate, learn teamwork, presentation skills, cope with challenges and stress associated with start-up founding and reflect learning experience.

Teams get guidance from experienced startup founders and mentors. The programme ends with business ideas competition. Teams are encouraged to execute their projects or business ideas and/or become founders.

For taking the course, please register for the course in Study Information System (ÕIS)

and for the hackathon here!