sTARTUp projects


Hands-on extra-curricular business development programme STARTER provides knowledge and skills for student start-up projects and helps teams to shape their ideas into tested business models. 


Kaleidoskoop is the biggest students’ business and project ideas competition in South-Estonia. In the final round, the 10 best teams will step on the stage at sTATRTUp Day business festival to present their validated business and project ideas to the panel of judges.  This semester Kaleidoskoop pre-selection takes place on 12 Dec 2019. 

Smart-Up Lab

European Institute for Innovation & Technology in Health together with sTARTUp Lab (former UT Idealab) introducing innovative and solution-driven e-lab programme - Smart-Up Lab


NGAL ® (Network Globally, Act Locally) is an intensive hands-on business development programme for early-stage student teams. The programme starts with boot camp at UT IdeaLab and ends with launch-camp in the USA. At the final day, teams pitch to judges and the best teams will be awarded.

STARTER Advanced

STARTER Advanced is a business development programme designed for early-stage student teams. The semester-long programme helps teams to acquire first paying customers and develop their product or service. After completing the programme, the team is ready to enter an accelerator or incubation programme.


E-Boat is start-up Accelerator for e-solutions in health in the Baltic region
6-weeks distance learning + 2-weeks cruise hackathon formula on the cruise ship.

STARTER@Ukraine (finished)

The project " Transforming Estonian Best Practice of Practical Entrepreneurship Studies to Ukrainian Universities“ aimed to promote entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship skills among Ukrainian students based on the best practices in Estonia.

EstLat - Accelerate (finished)

The main aim of EstLat-Accelerate is to prepare and carry out three pre-acceleration programmes that are jointly organized in Tartu and Riga. Each round of pre-acceleration takes about four months and has a specific ICT focus that varies from programme to programme.