TOP 10 ideas at Kaleidoskoop Finals

Top 10 teams are ready to pitch at Kaleidoskoop Finals. Let's meet the teams and see what are they telling about themselves.
Kaleidoskoop finals take place on the 21st of May 2020 at 16.00.   Everybody is welcome to watch on Facebook Live:

TOP 10 teams:

Fudler- Fudler is a brokerage platform where restaurants can sell unsold daily offers for a cheaper price.

HearMyCall-  Our idea is to provide fast and easy-to-use voiceless communication to 112. Our target group are people with hearing and speaking disabilities.

Mentium- Our platform offers personalized mental health assistance, helping a person to find the right specialist for their goals, problems and preferences.

Pabére- We want to change the paper supply chain using manure or other alternatives instead of wood. In addition, we want to use the obtained cellulose as a paper for the production of sound-absorbing elements and bioplastics.

S-Kub is producing  water-free shampoo in cubes.

Soli- Soli has developed an web app, where musicians can easily store, organize and view all their sheet music. All that from a tablet in a school or laptop at home.

Sorter-  App that enables to understand which bin the waste should go.

SoulCare- A platform, which connects people with mental health experts. 

Where's the Food-  Contactless ordering system for restaurants.

SNÆKK- Producing healthy, nutritious and delicious meals in tubes.