sTARTUp Lab 17 teams: time to get to know us

2020 Autumn semester has started wonderfully.  17 teams joined the STARTERtartu programme to develop their ideas and turn them into reality.

Now it's time to introduce our teams. For that, we asked each team to introduce themselves in one sentence. Below you can read the one sentence descriptions of all the teams. To find out more about each team, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Over the next month, we are introducing all our teams by taking a closer look at what kind of idea are they developing. 

Also, some teams are looking for new members. Take a closer look here

STARTERtartu 2020 Autumn teams

BerryBot – Team BerryBot builds an artificial intelligence robot that can pick strawberries.

Boomerang - Boomerang is an app where people can share their belongings with the people who need them.

Checky - Checky offers an alternative solution for paper checks by turning them automatically virtual, while eliminating the process of printing the check and bringing accounting and sustainability to the next level.

Dexi.EE - Dexi is an app that provides a designated driver service to battle drunk driving and encourages people not to drive while tired.

Discticted - Discdicted is a clothing brand made for disc golf players to make them look and feel good on the course with unique and creative designs.

HAIP (previously Robust) - HAIP is a radio station as a community platform for the youth of Estonia, offering the best possible listening experience.

JOINem - Team JOINem in developing a mobile application for managing private events.

Arcedo - At Arcedo our goal is to bring life back into old manors in the form of hosting one of a kind recurring events.

MycoCycle - Team MycoCycle, is building a mushroom farm to help food venues and consumers to have better access to fresh gourmet mushrooms.

Pillbox - Custom-made wooden pill dispenser with easy to use removable containers, including an alarm clock and a beautiful message for a loved one.

Sausse - Team Sausse is developing a refillable sauce dispenser that helps restaurants and households to save time, space and also to reduce producing plastic waste.

Snip - Snip is a mobile app that allows 24/7 booking and simplifies the whole process when going to different salons/barbershops.

Särasilmad - Särasilmad is offering a training programme for people with a short-sighted vision to see clearly with their own eyes again.

Unified Health - We are creating systemised digital platform with the main goal to deliver visibility and easy-access to wellness-related specialists using a shared economy business model.

Virtual Venue - Is developing interactive 3D models of concert and sports halls, to make it easier for organisers to plan an event without going to the venue itself.

Wirdos Academy - Wirdos Academi offers an educational programme for students.

Õpipoiss - Team Õpipoiss is an online platform where students with learning difficulties can find a suitable assistant teacher.

You can meet all the teams at our workshops or see them pitch at Kaleidoskoop on 10th December.