Meet our 11 STARTERtartu teams

The 2023 Spring semester of STARTERtartu has been awesome. 11 teams have joined the programme to turn their idea into reality!

You can now read a short introduction about each of the teams. We asked them to introduce themselves in one or two sentences. To find out more about the teams make sure that you follow sTARTUp Lab on Facebook.  

STARTERtartu 2023 Spring teams:

Agro Rent is an app that has 3 parts to it. 1 is the e-shop where the farmer can add what he sells and at what prices. Consumers can choose from who they want to buy and what. 2 is the virtual greenhouse where consumers can pick what plants they want the farmer to grow especially for them. 3 part is a renting area, where u can rent out your land and gardening tools.

Bakkheia is a mobile game that brings the greek gods to your party with revolutionary AI technology.

Billplus is developing a mobile platform to help who dine out frequently get reward points by scanning their bills and exchange those points with discount coupons at partner locations using ML-based automated text extractor from images.

Click(less) is developing an automated command system led by AI instead of clicking a large number of similar commands. The new system under development is mainly meant for production and warehouse processes where workers' main activity is to produce the products or lead the supply chain as effectively as possible and not click commands that do not bring money into a company.

Dynamic Survey is developing a survey solution that adapts to customers' responses (powered by ChatGPT) to help businesses get valuable insights about their customers that otherwise could be missed.

Homies is a community-finding app that connects travelers with friendly locals who can provide insider knowledge and unique experiences, making their journeys more enjoyable and memorable.

Langesta is developing a website to help people learn a new language by reading articles about the culture of native speakers.

Minesweeper With Friends is developing a video game to help gamers, casual players and nostalgic fans play Minesweeper with their friends.

PastaPro is developing plant-based protein-enriched pasta to help athletes keep a balanced diet Good for athletes, good for health, and good for the planet!

Privacy Penguin is a productivity tool that helps privacy lawyers quickly identify compliance risks and gaps in data protection documentation, identify and highlight the provisions required by GDPR making the work of lawyers more efficient and effective.

Transful is developing a memory techniques based platform to help struggling students, stuck in outdated and ineffective learning techniques, achieve long-term results in language learning.

Soon our 11 teams have completed all our workshops and the Kaleidoskoop Pre-Selection is already on 04.05!

Team Homies at the Mentor Feedback Carousel. Photo: Hannah Kaarma

The Starter programme is supported by the European Social Fund.

Further information:

Hannah Kaarma, Communications and Marketing Specialist, UT Startup Lab, +372 5400 5242,