Kaleidoskoop finalists have been selected! Its time to turn your idea into a real money-making business.

May 19th marked the date of Kaleidoskoop’s preliminary round. After a long day of pitching, debate and constant feedback, 15 teams out of 28 were chosen to enter the final round of Kaleidoskoop. The teams had 2 minutes to pitch their idea to a panel of 8 judges, who then had 5 minutes for additional questions.

Ideas presented in the preliminary round came from very different fields – from food and design to computer games and new materials. Although the judges agreed that none of the teams were lacking in innovativeness, they all face a challenge in the finals – answer the question “where is the money going to come from?”. A member of the panel, Aivar Pere, who is an entrepreneurial consultant in Tartu University, recommended that all teams should polish business side of their ideas and talk more about money because that grabs attention and gives the project a more real feeling.

After deliberation the judges selected 15 teams to enter the final round of Kaleidoskoop:

Need2Park – Parking management software

Gleather – Gelatin leather

B.E. – Project idea to encourage entrepreneurial mindset

Vitabug – Bioreactor for producing vitamins

Küte – Web platform for buying and selling firewood

Bomby - Language learning device

Qodu - Rental apartments webplatform

Pürg - Aesthetic  product for contemporary people

Konku – Broker fee free web platform

YOMO - Budget application for money management

Veemajanduse keskus -  Water engineering and legal counselling

Healthystyle – Healthy food boxes

ColOrigami – Computer game

OÜ Ergonim – Ergonomics councelling and a ergonomical products for musicians

KadisINK – Designing postcards and fridge magnets and decorations for events 

Additional good news for the finalists! All finalists are welcome to set up  an hour-long consultation with Aivar  and he will help them to better understand the revenue model and answer the question: “where is the money going to come from?”. Aivar Pere is a man of his word and he can be contacted via e-mail aivar.pere@ut.ee.

Kaleidoskoop finals will take place on the 27th of May at Dorpat Hotel & Conference Centre. All finalists and audience need to fill in a registration form that can be found here http://www.ideelabor.ut.ee/kalender/ariideede-voistlus-kaleidoskoop. See you there!