Idea Storm's keynote speakers are Triin Kask and Mart Salumäe!

Idea Storm
on 22nd of February is an inspirational event that brings together 22 entrepreneurs and 300 students to create and share ideas that could change the world! Now it's the right time to announce and introduce our keynote speakers! 

Idea Storm keynote speaker and ideation facilitator Triin Kask is the co-founder and CEO of the startup Nevercode. Triin will tell us where to find motivation and how to achieve goals.


  • has seen life in Silicon Valley.
  • knows the taste of failure and success.
  • is the winner of Slush Seedcamp competition 2015.
  • is inspiring entrepreneurship trainer and mentor.
  • is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at the University of Tartu.
  • is mother of 3 children.

Nevercode started from the simple idea to help developers to build mobile apps faster and defect free. Today Nevercode’s artificial technology provides this service.

Mart Salumäe  is the co-founder of Decomer Technology and he just finished STARTER programme. Mart’s trigger is his passion. How to turn your passion into a dream job and be good at pitching? He is the right person to share his experience.

Mart has

Decomer Technology develops bioplastics, which is used to package honey. In hot tea water the bioprotein-based bioplastic dissolves and is not harmful to health. 

PS! Mart came to sTARTUp Day knowing that he will pitch once on IdeaLab’s stage but at the end of the day he had pitched 3 times and the last one was on the main stage!

Registration for Idea Storm IV. 100 Ideas that will Change the World is now open! Let's change the world together! The event is free for everyone but please make sure to register before!

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The event is funded by European Social Fund.