Best Thing About STARTERtartu Programme?

We asked, what was the best thing in STARTERtartu programme. Here are some examples of what participants wrote.  

  • The whole programme was an emotional rollercoaster,
  • To be honest, I would’ve never thought that I would join to build a startup. I’m so glad that I did.
  • I always looked forward to the next workshop because they were exciting and engaging.
  • At Mentor Feedback Carousel when talking to experts I learned so much more about my own idea and got pointers to make it better.
  • Mentor-feedback carousel was the best. Hear a lot of different opinions and suggestions that made me come back down to earth and into the real world. Feedback from mentors was so beneficial.
  • Meeting people who are already involved with startups and getting to know their experience.
  • Brainstorming and developing with the coolest teammates. And also having fun with them at the same time.
  • All the practical workshops were great. Especially Pitching Training workshop. I got the confidence and basic knowledge on how to leave a memorable impression.
  • I had an amazing opportunity to attend STARTERtartu. I missed only 1 workshop and I regret that.
  • Meeting with potential investors and getting hands-on input for our business.
  • The snacks were delicious. :)

STARTERtartu programme comes again and it starts with Idea Hackathon on 27th February. Go and sign up to start your own startup! 

Come and join either way:
If you have an idea that could change the world - even a little bit - we will help you to develop and test the idea, find teammates, take first steps and bring your idea to life!

✅ If you don't have an idea then you can find the idea that interests you from the hackathon! Simply show up, listen to different pitches and join the team that you like the best!