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DORPAT CONFERENCE Centre (turu 2, Tartu)
Idea Storm IV. 100 Ideas that will Change the World

Idea Storm is an inspirational event that brings together 22 entrepreneurs and more than 200 students to have discussions on different topics. It’s a place for creating and sharing ideas that could change the world! Discussions and inspirational stories shared will be lead by the people behind the best startups in Estonia, entrepreneurs and visionaries!

At the event, everyone will choose one topic they are most interested in and will sit at the table with the field expert. The aim of the discussion is to come up with new ideas and solutions related to the problem statement. At the end, each table will present their most innovative idea.

The event is dedicated to Estonia’s 100th birthday. We will create an idea for each year! Let’s contribute to Republic of Estonia 200!

16:00 Greetings and opening words (Harald Lepisk,  Kristel Reim)
16:10 What will you change in the world?
16:35 Where motivation comes from and how to achieve your goals? Triin Kask (Nevercode)
16.45 STARTER programme - to whom and for what? Maret Ahonen (UT IdeaLab leader)
16.55 How to turn your passion into dream job? Mart Salumäe (Decomer Technology)
17.05 Facilitators introduction 
17.30 Snacks and networking
18:00 Idea generation - let's go crazy!
18:50 Sharing the best ideas
19:35 Summary, snacks and networking

Idea Storm's keynote speakers are Triin Kask and Mart Salumäe!
  • Triin Kask is the co-founder and CEO of the startup Nevercode. Triin will tell us where to find motivation!

  • Mart Salumäe is the co-founder of Decomer Technology and he just finished STARTER programme. Mart’s trigger is his passion. How to turn your passion into a dream job and be good at pitching? He is the right person to share his experience.
Read more about the keynote speakers from here!

Table facilitators and topics: 
  1. Kei Karlson - GoWorkaBit: How to make remote work more efficient than working in the office?
  2. Aleksander Gansen - Shipitwise: How should the industry be digitalized? 
  3. Juko-Mart Kõlar -  Fanvestory: How to support learners creativity and innovation? 
  4. Mart Salumäe -  Decomer Technology: How do we pack goods in the future? 
  5. Katre Kõvask - Tere & Farmi:  How to market Estonian food to Asian market? 
  6. Triin Kask - Nevercode:  How would a world look like if artificial intelligence would do all the work?
  7. Erni Kask & Kalle Paas -  Tartu 2024 - For European Capital of Culture: How to turn Tartu into dream city?
  8. Sven Anderson - Brandlyse:   How to cope with cultural differences?
  9. Andrus Kurvits - Tartu Science Park:  What is going to be the next "killer" app based on satellite data?
  10. Rein Lemberpuu - Contriber:  How to approach entrepreneurship as a self-development? 
  11. Jaana Metsamaa – Pipedrive: How to create an app that doesn't feed on human weakness?
  12. Mihkel Tedremaa – TempID: How to prepare for robot invasion?
  13. Sven Illing - Buildit: What are the unexplored opportunities of sharing economy?

  14. Ojari Paas – Bookworld.me: How sharing economy shapes the future of reading?
  15. Liina Joller - Power Algae: How will future food look like?
  16. Jüri Kaljundi – Weekdone: How technology and media will save the environment?
  17. Henry Patzig - Sprayprinter: How to separate the weak from the strong?
  18. Astrid Maldre - Elisa: How should we cope with information overload in organization?
  19. Kristian Sägi - EstBAN: How will we make transactions in the future?
  20. Toomas Kärner - Telia: How will the Internet of things improve the life?
  21. Seren Eilmann - Heelosophy: How technology shapes fashion industry?
  22. Kerti Alev- Medikeep: How will personalized medicine help us in the future?

Read more about facilitators and topics from here!

The event is in English and free for everyone but please make sure to register before!
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The event is moderated by Harald Lepisk!


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The event is funded by European Social Fund.